March 6 – workshop “Non-toxic etching” by Eric Levert.


March 9 – workshop “Predictable colours” by Alex de Vocht.


March 14 & 15 – workshop “Screenprinting” by Christina Hallström.


March 16 – symposium “[Resonating Spaces]” co-organised by Platform Werkplaatsen in Brussels.


March 29 – mini exhibition of the present artists-in-residence Dorine Camps (NL) and Dani Lola Eveleigh (UK).



April 7 – workshop “Predictable colours” by Alex de Vocht.


April 8 – start of “EastTypeWestType” with a presentation by Lara Captan at GWA (Grafisch Werkcentrum Amsterdam).


April 9 – masterclass “The character of the character” by High on Type.


April 20& 21 – workshop “Riso” by the stencil experts from Knust.


April 24 – workshop “Toyobo” by Eric Levert.



May 1 & 8 – workshop “Non-toxic etching” by Eric Levert.


May 6 – joint exhibition of the Tijdelijk Binnenland Atelier (Mondriaan Fund) artists-in-residence at broedplaats LELY.


May 11 & 12 – workshop “Riso” by the stencil experts from Knust.



June 8 – workshop “Predictable colours” by Alex de Vocht.


June 20 & 21 – workshop “Screenprinting” by Christina Hallström.


June 29 – opening exhibition “Guess Who is Coming to Dinner Too?” from artist and cultural activist Patricia Kaersenhout at WOW Amsterdam

For more information about the workshops and/or the techniques, check AGAstudio.