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East Type West Type: panel discussion and wrap-up

East Type West Type is inspired by the research of the Lebanese designer Lara Captan, according to the original Arabic type/letter design, originating from an Oriental canon. In letter design, Arabic typography still has a lot to gain; so far the Western design idea has been dominant according to Lara. This gave us the opportunity to invite various artists and designers to work with her research, or parts thereof. With master classes, lectures, performance with installation and a residence period, young artists and designers from Scandinavia, Egypt and the Netherlands have further developed on this. Themes like how to create your own ‘set of (design) rules’ and whether and what will affect this, the monopoly and cultural significance of color in the Pantone color system. The panel discussion goes deeper into the idea behind Lara Captan’s research, the cultural perspective and appreciation of design, mutual influence and identity. And at the end a wrap-up, a compact review on the project, by Josien Pieterse and Maze de Boer.

Panel discussion with: typographer Lara Captan, graphic designer Richard Niessen and others
Reflection by: Josien Pieterse (director Framer Framed) en visual artist Maze de Boer.
Moderator: Özkan Gölpinar (member Council for Culture and Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society)

Date: Friday 10th of November 2017
Time: 16:30 – 19:30 (program starts at 17:00)
Location: AGA LAB

East Type West Type is a project of GWAPodium Mozaïek and AGA LAB. 
With the cooperation of Framer Framed and Uva Special Collections.
Special thanks to 
Amsterdams Fonds voor de KunstPrins Bernard CultuurFonds and Stadsdeel Amsterdam West.

Image: poster designed by Richard Niessen, specially designed for East Type West Type.


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