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Print in 2078: ‘Inventing the Future’

Print in 2078: ‘Inventing the Future’

During our jubilee project ‘Inventing the Future’ we will work with 4 international artists: Maki Suzuki (GB / J) / Karin Ferrari (O) / Emre Huner (NL / T) / Marthe van Dessel (B). They will  research the future of the medium print in 4 labs, in a work period of 3.5 months at AGA LAB. The starting point is the relevance of the printed image and the word (print) and its re-updating,which quest is not isolated of the digital world around us. We show the end result in a stimulating context in the summer; the transformed Allard Pierson (The Allard Pierson Museum and the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam have merged). Inventing the Future is the initiative of AGA LAB in close collaboration with Frans Masereel Centrum and the Allard Pierson. There is a program with lectures & workshops and a knowledge exchange with the curators of the Allard Pierson within the trajectory.

The final result we show this summer in a provocative context of the transformed Allard Pierson Museum (including ‘Bijzondere Collecties’). Inventing the Future is an initiative of AGA LAB en will happen in close cooperation with Frans Masereel Centrum (B) and Allard Pierson.


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