Workshop with Berber Soepboer

On Friday 22nd and 23rd of February, clothing designer Berber Soepboer will give a screenprinting workshop. Berber Soepboer will share her designing and printing practice with the participants. For the occasion of this workshop, Soepboer designed a shirt/dress that every participant will customize and print during these 2 days. 

Berber Soepboer has her own practice as a clothing designer, she also ran a shop/gallery/studio named Soepboer & Stooker and she works weekly in the textile workshop of the Rietveld Academy.

In the clothes that she designs the wearer can choose how he/she wants to wear each piece and like that becoming also the designer of their own clothes.

The ‘DIY (design it yourself) shirt/dress*’ is a pattern that the participants will screenprint during the workshop and which afterwards can be finalized into a unique piece of clothing. 

This pattern was designed by Berber and can be customized by the participants using the screenprinting technique. During this workshop, there will be a focus on colour combinations and different kinds of textile. Throughout the two days, Berber will share her screenprinting knowledge.

Day 1

– Customizing the pattern made by S. for this workshop.

– Printing on different kind of textiles.

– Experimenting with different colour combinations.

Day 2

– Preparing screens and inks.

– Printing the final ‘DIY shirt/dress’.


Practical Information

To apply for this workshop, a basic skill with screenprinting is required. 

Dates: Friday 22 and Saturday 23 February from 10:00 to 17:00. 

Costs: €280

Register via: info@agalab * inspired on the ‘1-2-3 Dress’ of Ulf Moritz for Weverij de Ploeg