AGA LAB is a creative space and laboratory for crossovers in technique, material and image. Not only for the autonomous art field, but also for the graphic, industrial and textile, digital and social design field. By being a platform, AGA LAB is the practical link between latent ideas and physical end-results – a route of specialisation, immersion and experimentation. For many artists in the graphic art world, AGA LAB is a starting point for their work and stimulates their free range and creative research. AGA LAB expressively searches for the dialogue between artists, photographers, designers and other creative professionals on social developments.





AGA LAB offers context for research, experiment and production to national and international creators, by being specialised in a broad range of graphic techniques.

AGA LAB chooses for perpetual discovery and experimentation. We also research environmental and circular workflow in the graphic arts.

AGA LAB wants to excite not only existing but also new target audiences into creative craftsmanship.

Our work field and network are local, national and international. At the same time, AGA LAB chooses for a global approach for connecting local and international talents, cultural infrastructures and residents. With this (inter)national network role and the Artist in Residence program AGA LAB actively stimulates mobility and interaction from (international) artistic practices.


AGA LAB has been founded as ‘Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (AGA)’ in 1958 as a facility for Amsterdam-based artists who couldn’t afford their own studio. AGA LAB has grown into a well-equipped open atelier and organises master classes, workshops, lectures and presentations. We strive to research the medium in as many perspectives as possible. AGA LAB has developed into a laboratory for artists, designers and other creative professionals who want to experiment with graphic techniques. That’s why AGA proceeded as AGA LAB as of spring 2016.