Riso DIY in AGA LAB – Knust dependance

Did you know that AGA LAB has a DIY Riso workshop? It is a department of Knust from Nijmegen.

It is a Do-It-Yourself Workshop where you stand at the Riso machine yourself. Here you can print your zine, book, posters or other graphic printed matter yourself. After an introduction from one of the Knust employees, you can get started yourself.


Riso in a nutshell

Risography is a modern form of stencil printing, it is environmentally friendly and ideal for zines, short runs and graphic printing. The ink is based on soy oil (nowadays also rice oil) and in principle does not dry. It is therefore only possible to print on uncoated, rough paper that absorbs the ink, as it were. This contributes to the beautiful, bright printed colors that are so typical of the technique.


A3 format  /  11 colors

– The Riso MZ1070E is on our mezzanine. You can print A3 with this.

– There are 11 colors: yellow, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, red, magenta, medium blue, cyan, teal, green, gray and black. There is a lot of suitable paper available and for sale in the workshop.


Do you want to make an appointment?

Would you like to come and talk about your plans or do you need advice on a project that you would like to print with Riso? That is possible. Knust employees are available on various days to give you advice. Mail for an appointment to: drukwerk@extrapool.nl

You can also follow a workshop or make an appointment to learn how to work with Riso individually. You can also send an email to: