By April Gertler, 21 januari 2020 – @AGA LAB 18:00

Explores Dutchness through one cake. Using the recipe as a guideline; mixing the base ingredients at high speed to ask if a cake can define a nation; peeling, cutting and coring the history of apples, and not forgetting to add a pinch of post-colonial discourse, the performance also includes the book launch of TAART TALK  a compendium publication to the performance, which is comprised of 38 recipes and conversational fragments about Appeltaart from people living in The Netherlands.

TAKE THE CAKE explores generosity and hosting. The format brings the backdrop of a cooking show into a live multi-sensory / multi-disciplinary lecture performance culminating with the sharing of freshly baked cake with the audience. The series was started in 2015. TAKE THE CAKE is a humorous and personal performance which mixes practicalities of baking with a historical feminist discourse.