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AGAstudio stands for a workplace/labfunction for artists and designers who create work in own management


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AGACampus stands for research and experiment


artist in residence

  • lookingforward

    Retrospect and preview: the highlights of 2016 and what to expect in 2017

    Our sleeves are already rolled up; we want to create, explore, develop, share and present! As we did in 2016. We changed – after 58 years – our name, welcomed in the studio four artists for the Tijdelijk Binnenland Atelier of the Mondriaan Fund and......

  • gb2016-030pt-poor-art-photo-mike-bruce_wp

    Master class photo-etching “From iPad to copper plate” with Glenn Brown and Mike Taylor (GB)

    On the first day of the exhibition of Glenn Brown – Rembrandt: Afterlife in the Rembrandt House Museum, AGA LAB organizes in collaboration with the Rembrandt House Museum a master class with Glenn Brown and his master printer Mike Taylor (publisher Pauper press). Brown is......

  • 15541181_1392569970755988_1656610318802393463_n

    Awagami Demo Day for etch and digital print

    Get to know Awagami Editioning papers on Monday, January 23rd. Information via or the special Facebook event page. ETCH: You can etch during the demo day on Awagami Editioning paper, and there is also a demo Chin colle on Awagami Editioning Paper. Take along your......