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AGAstudio stands for a workplace/labfunction for artists and designers who create work in own management


printing on demand


AGACampus stands for research and experiment


artist in residence

  • ETWT_promo_04

    Masterclass “The character of the character”

    During the East Type West Type festival the letter junkies of High on Type join hands with the screen printers of AGA LAB. Together, this forms the basis of the master class where the crafts of letter designing and screen printing unite. Each letter has......

  • waw_lara

    East Type West Type

    Saturday, April 8, the opening of “East Type West Type”, a cross-border project. The project starts from the idea: What if the Arabs had invented the letterpress? How would the printed word look like? During the opening there will be lectures by Lara Captan and......

  • Resonating Spaces

    Symposium [Resonating Spaces] – March 16 – Brussels

    Thursday the 16th of March in the LUCA School of Arts a symposium will be held about: the value of residencies & workspaces in Belgium and the Netherlands. Participation is free but registration required. Register here. Both residencies and workspaces play an important role in the art......