Artist in Residence and Artist Without a Room program


The Artist in Residence program of AGA LAB offers a special context for research, experimenting and the development of new work: a very wide range of printing techniques, technical expertise, a spacious gym as a workplace, exchange with (inter)national colleagues, the non-toxic method, an urban agricultural garden with ink plants and many creative neighbours.


The vision within the AiR program: AGA LAB stimulates research and experimentation in the field of ink, colour and image carriers, as well as crossovers between other disciplines and techniques.


Both national and international artists and designers can register for the Artist in Residence program. AGA LAB regularly invites artists with a specific research proposal. Artists and designers are also encouraged to submit a project proposal to AGA LAB themselves. The two AiR locations are located in Broedplaats BOUW, where the studio is also located.


As an AiR, you have 24 hours access to the workplace as well as access to the joint AGA LAB kitchen. The costs are €1250 per month for the small room (20 m2), €1450 for the large room (30 m2) and €450 for a residency without a room. For more information send an email to or call 020-6252186


Download the registration form for the Residency programs here. Registering will submit your name and portfolio to our list of applicants to be assessed by our AiR Support team. The assessment committee meets every four months: January 15, May 15 and September 15.


NOTE: The deadline for applications for an Artist in Residence in 2021 has been moved by the assessment committee from September 15 to October 1, 2020.