AGA LAB is a do-it-yourself workshop for professional artists, photographers and designers. We want to offer everyone a place where you can work under professional conditions.


If you come to work here in the morning, first check that the facilities are clean. The AGA LAB team tries to keep a close eye on the workshop, but it sometimes happens that it has not been left properly by the previous user.

Please note that as a user in our do-it-yourself workshop you are responsible for the materials you bring along (paper, fabric, etc.) We do not reimburse these. So test your prints on test material in advance before you actually get started.

This also means that you yourself are responsible for correctly cleaning the materials and facilities (screen printing frames, textile table, etc.). If this has not happened, we will charge € 25.


Reserve your spot in time via 020-625 2186 or We will note your name, your telephone number and the table / technique you want to use. In the unlikely event that changes occur, we can also reach you.

If you are coming for the first time, please make an appointment with us first by phone or e-mail. We will then schedule an introduction with you for an explanation of the studio and our workflow.

Let us know one day (24 hours) in advance if you want to change or cancel your reservation. If you do not do this on time or do not show up, we will charge you for the half or full day that you have reserved.


If you have a specific question or request, please mail the relevant assistant:


In the event of material and/or physical damage to goods and/or persons of AGA LAB and its employees, we will address the perpetrator – and/or the person who is liable for it – through his/her insurance for the repair and/or compensation of that damage.