Anyone who wants to get acquainted with graphic arts can benefit from AGA LAB. A multidisciplinary graphic laboratory and workshop in the field of technology, material and image. In addition to the autonomous arts, for companies in the graphic industry, textile design and for digital media and social design.

AGA LAB offers workshops to MBO and HBO students. Various schools visit us every year, such as Hout- en Meubilerings College, Artemis Academy and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. In these workshops you will become acquainted with the chosen technique, its possibilities and limitations, and you will discover whether it fits with your artistic principles or field of expertise. The workshops are related to subjects such as product design and design, but are ideally suited for cross-curricular projects or themes. We are happy to help you put together a suitable educational program.

A film by Erasmus student Nick Lucas.

The film is a culmination of all the work he has made over the course of his 7 month internship, and includes the use of Etching, Lino, Screen printing, Lithography and Risograph.


The basic principle of graphics is making one or more prints. The techniques are named after the way in which the print is made, such as: relief printing, gravure, planographic printing or embossing. Each printing form has its own character and a specific application and visual language.

Linocut Relief printing

Essentially, the linocut works the same as a stamp: you gouge an image out of wood or linoleum, ink the high parts and print it with the press. There are various ways to make a color print, such as the reduction technique. By experimenting with repetition in the meantime, even a simple shape can lead to surprising combinations and results.

Etching | Intaglio

For the drypoint technique, you engrave a drawing directly into a perplexed etching plate with an etching pen. After this, you ink the entire plate and remove it from the parts that have not been scratched. When you print the inked scratches, the ink from the deep parts becomes visible, which is why etching is also called intaglio. Because you can work very precisely with lines, rotogravure is popular among draftsmen.

Silkscreen | Serigraphy 

Screen printing is usually a stencil technique. You mount the paper template directly on the screen printing frame. The image can also be placed on the screen by means of photographic lighting. Then you press the ink through the stencil onto the carrier with a squeegee. It is easy to print on different carriers such as textile, wood and glass.

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Internship profile

Since 2011, AGA LAB has been a recognized training company and an educational graphic workshop with various possibilities for internships. You will end up in an international environment and work together with visual artists, designers and photographers from the Netherlands and abroad.

During your internship you will participate in the workshop. Your main task is to assist the technical supervisor(s) and artists. You can also participate in the organization of projects for, for example, communication and our social media. There is also room to develop your own project and to experiment with graphic techniques such as screen printing, etching, lino and Riso.

Some examples of various educational institutions whose students have completed internships with us are: Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Media College Amsterdam and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. There is also a lot of interest from abroad in the context of an international internship. This is regularly supported by a grant through the Erasmus programme.

Intern profile
  • You are interested in how a graphic studio works.
  • You are passionate about making graphics or willing to learn it.
  • You are customer-oriented, collegial, you take initiative and you can work independently.


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