AGA LAB cooperates with various organizations; in the field of printing techniques, residencies, other cultural disciplines and education. Both locally and (inter) nationally.

In October 2015, almost twenty Amsterdam art institutions united and founded Platform for Development Institutions (P_Oi). This sector works with young artists and new makers. They are creators of culture, new forms and experimental art. The institutions are at the beginning of the chain with a spin-off for the cultural field. Goals of the POI include entering into crossovers with other sectors and working together on overarching themes such as cultural education and Amsterdam promotion.


Members of the platform are (in alphabetical order): AGA LAB, Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam, CBK Zuidoost, De Appel, Don’t Hit Mama, Framer Framed, If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, LIMA, M4gastatelier, Mediamatic, NDSM-became, P ///// AKT, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Rijksakademie van visual arts, STEIM, Submarine, The Beach, Veem House for Performance, Waag and WOW Amsterdam.

Since the end of 2014, Knust has been managing a do-it-yourself Riso workshop in collaboration with AGA LAB! Knust is a special printing workshop located in Nijmegen that has specialized in stencil printing technology since 1984.


Knust is associated with the experimental stage and production house Extrapool in Nijmegen and together they regularly perform programs in the field of sound, art and print. Also in collaboration with AGA LAB, workshops and program evenings take place in AGA LAB 2 to 3 times a year. Keep an eye on the website and newsletter for upcoming workshops and events.

Painting Plants (originally: Blauwe Maandag) is a research project focused on the question “How do you make paint or ink from plants, and how do you make them usable for different printing techniques”. The project was initiated in 2011 by biologist and artist Naan Rijks. In mid-2013 scientist and teacher Jeroen Snijdewint joined the project. Lucila Kenny joined in 2017, experienced in the natural coloring of textiles. In 2019, more than 30 types of plants are being grown, which have in common that they contain dyes or pigments. The project is carried out under the roof of the AGA LAB, and the plants are grown in the courtyard of Broedplaats BOUW.

Together with Sundaymorning@Ekwc, Beeldenstorm, Frans Masereel Centrum and Transartists, AGA LAB is the initiator of a platform for workplaces for professional artists in the Netherlands and Belgium: Platform Werkplaatsen.