AGA LAB offers various workshops and master classes throughout the year. Below you will find the information about the workshops that we regularly give:


You can register via the button on the right or call 020-6252186. Look for the dates of the workshops in the agenda or on our Facebook page.



Based on the experience gained in the Blauwe Maandag research project, this workshop is organized at the AGA LAB. In the workshop we use colors from plants that were harvested last year at the Plantation Lab. Participants are introduced to the processing of the various plant parts. We also work with powders from Algae, Indigo, Turmeric, Walnut and Safflower. The choice of binder is discussed: it depends on the dyestuff and determines possible applications. Part of the research focuses on the variation of colors over time: some connections are stable for years, others respond as living colors and change.


Time: 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Costs: € 175 (including all materials)
Maximum number of participants: 6
Including: image for screen printing / linocut, screen printing frame coated (one pp) size A3 or A4, paper, loopers, trays, binders, colorants in solution or in powder form.
Register: (participants must pay in advance to confirm their place)
Info: The workshop is led by Lucila Kenny and Naan Rijks. You can contact them via or



In the workshop you learn to transfer a digital (black and white) photo to a light-sensitive plate (toyobo). The plate is then developed in water (non-toxic). After drying and curing, the plate is pressed like an etching. From velvet black to white and all intermediate gray levels come into their own on the final print.


Time: from 10 am to 5 pm
Costs: € 175 including materials, with a free day pass / return day.


Included is an A4 toyobo plate of which a strip of approximately 5 cm is used as a test strip: the remaining piece (of approximately 21 cm wide x 25 cm high) is used for the final plate. The ink and the paper are also included. After the workshop you can work for one more day at AGA LAB (you will provide the material yourself).



The magic of color, color is almost never the same!
Alex de Vocht, photographer and also technical assistant at the AGA LAB gives a workshop Fine Art Printing and Color Management. The human eye can see an enormous amount of color and contrast. We see colors differently depending on lighting conditions. Devices such as scanners, printers and monitors each have their own color management (color language) so that the colors are sometimes less intense and do not always match. For the critical viewer this sometimes results in less pleasant surprises. Unless you know how to deal with image, color and reproduction thereof. On this workshop day we take on the challenge of ensuring predictable colors. All technical aspects that ensure beautiful Fine Art Prints (also called giclée prints) on the Epson 4880 printer are covered. We take a critical look at color and color profiles, resolution, contrast and the influence of paper and ink, among other things. Technical terms such as ICC profile, black point compensation, color space or Gamut, DPI and printer and monitor calibration will be treated. After the workshop you will be able to make high-quality prints yourself and you have made your first Fine Art Print on A2.


Bring your own: Take a selection of photos or images and digital files with you on a USB stick and possibly your laptop (240 dpi on the desired output format). And your own (high-quality) type of paper on which you want to print.
Cost: 1 day € 140 (including handout, ink for 1x print on own paper and 1x print on AGA LAB paper). A freshening-up morning or afternoon is optional and costs € 70. Questions? You can mail this to



During this workshop you learn the various aspects of screen printing so that you can work independently in our studio. You learn how to prepare the film, how to apply a light-sensitive layer on the screen and how to illuminate. While the screen dries, mix the inks and plan opaque or transparent print runs. The screen printing tables are designed for an optimal “workflow”. You print a small edition of the design in multiple colors. During the workshop we also analyze the different possibilities that arise during printing.


Costs: € 160



Since the end of 2014, Knust has been managing a DIY Riso workshop in collaboration with the AGA LAB! In collaboration with AGA LAB, the stencil experts from Knust give a workshop risk 2 to 3 times a year. The Riso is a modern form of stencil printing, is environmentally friendly and very suitable for posters, cards, art prints or zines in deep, clear colors.


This workshop is given a follow-up – which zooms in on specific applications of screen printing. More information follows.


Costs: € 160 for a day, with a free day pass / return day.



Various etching techniques are discussed during the workshop, such as the line etching, aquatint, varnish mou, color etching, drypoint and aquatint sugar water.


Day 1 After explanation, each will perform 1 or more techniques on a zinc or copper plate. The plates are etched, updated and possibly with aquatint.


Day 2 After explaining how to print an etching, the participants will print their own etching independently. As a result of this test pressure, additional drawings and / or corrections are made to ultimately achieve good pressure. When there is time left you can try another technique.


Bring your own: a design for the etching (max. A4)
Costs: € 280 for two days (material included)