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AGAstudio stands for a workplace/labfunction for artists and designers who create work in own management


printing on demand


AGACampus stands for research and experiment


artist in residence

  • IMG_3403_w800_h1600px

    AIR Expo Yusuke Mimasu

    THU. 25.04.2019 – 5 PM.   mirror/colorWhat is the color of the mirror that reflects everything?This work contrasting mirror with color does not provide any logical answer for the question ‘What is the color of mirror that can reflect everything?’, but focuses on mysterious attraction......

  • cmd p instagram 9 July2

    Cmd P for 2079, a futuristic journey through the world of print

    Cmd P for 2079, a futuristic journey through the world of print Exhibition at the Allard Pierson: 3 November 2019 – 19 January 2020 Artists: Åbäke (UK), Karin Ferrari (AT / IT), Emre Hüner (TR / NL), ooooo (*) What will printed artwork look like......

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    ANR Places Available: Apply now!

    Still places available! If you like working after regular business hours, preferably alone and when it’s dark out, or at the break of dawn just before the birds start their chirping routine. Then don’t hesitate to sign up to be an Artist in Residence Without......