AGA LAB calendar for sale

For the upcoming year, we wanted to do something special. So we asked our team members to design a page for our 2021 AGA LAB calendar. Every month displays a unique image created by one of our amazing team members, in hopes of a better year!

This wonderful collaboration is printed on A3+ paper with our Riso printer. You can purchase the calendar for €25,00 (excluding shipping costs) at our studio or order by mailing


2021 AGA LAB calendar is made by

January – Renske Huysmans
February – Malou van der Molen
March – Wasco
April – Julia Twisker
May – Barbara Colle
June – Peim van der Sloot & Marnix Postma
July – Maia Matches
August – Danijela Wolf
September – Maarten Schuurman
October – Marcio Pontes
November – Alex de Vocht
December – Alle Jong

Design calendar – Anne van Geffen
Riso printed – at AGA LAB
Idea of and thanks to – Wasco

Pictures AGA LAB calendar: Malgorzata Rej