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  • ons publiek is maker | Wij maken artistieke ontwikkeling mogelijk

    ons publiek is maker | Wij maken artistieke ontwikkeling mogelijk

    Samen met CBK Zuidoost en Framer Framed maakte AGA LAB deel uit van de stuurgroep van ‘Dit is ons publiek: over anders rapporteren’. In dit onderzoek gaat over hoe we kunnen meten wat kunstinstellingen nu echt betekenen voor het publiek. Welke kwalitatieve methoden van publieksmeting en waardebepaling heb je eigenlijk? En wat meet of verzamel […]

  • Jennifer Schmidt | Artist in residence

    Jennifer Schmidt | Artist in residence

    This summer Jennifer Schmidt was our artist in residence for a month. Jennifer teaches at SMFA at Tufts University in Boston, and came to us from New York especially to work on the famous large AGA LAB screen printing textile table. It was a very pleasant and inspiring encounter for many AGA LAB employees and […]

  • Sofia Paravicini Artist in Residence | How a colour can give you a new direction

    Sofia Paravicini is an artist in residence at AGA LAB for almost three months now. And when Sofia and I (Barbara) finally find the time to talk, we sit in the Painting Plants Colour Garden, with all green plants and yellow flowers blooming enthusiastically and diligently around us. But we are talking about a different […]

  • Aurélie Sorriaux – Artist in Residence | the latent moment in etching

    In the autumn of 2021 Aurélie worked with us in the studio for two months as artist in residence. And then she stayed. On Tuesdays, she works with Maarten mainly in the screen printing department and on other days you can find her in our etching department working on her own art. Aurélie and I […]

  • OPEN CALL for Autumn / Winter 2️022

    If you like working after regular business hours, preferably alone and when it’s dark out, or at the break of dawn just before the birds start their chirping routine.   Then don’t hesitate to sign up to be an Artist in Residence (AiR), and gain full access to our studio! You’ll get to work whenever […]

  • Air Talk March | Experiments, experiments

    During this week’s AiR-Talk, the main focus was on the results of the artists’ experiments with the various printing techniques. A vivid exchange between Artists in Residence: Barbara Miše (HRV) Sofia Paravicini (ITA) Tuija Asta Järvenpää (FIN) and Robert Risteski & Arend-Jan Weijsters (AGA LAB).  

  • Tim Bruggeman – Artist in Residence winter 21/22

    Afgelopen winter was beeldend kunstenaar Tim Bruggeman bij ons te gast als artist in residence. Vanaf dag één ging zijn project rond in de studio. ‘Heb je gezien waar Tim mee bezig is? Heb je zijn verzameling aan magazines gezien? Een gigantisch archief! Wat zal hij ermee doen?’ Toen ik vervolgens boven op onze entresol […]