Stadstekenaars van Amsterdam – Crowdfunding for art edition

Stadsarchief Amsterdam (Amsterdam City Archive; SAA) and AGA launch at the opening of the exhibition “Stadstekenaars van Amsterdam” a crowdfunding campaign to allow the release of an unique art edition.

“Stadstekenaars van Amsterdam” is a collection of the SAA. Over the past two years, a committee invited 15 renowned artists to create a drawing of contemporary Amsterdam. These works will be shown from May 27 to September 11, 2016 in the SAA.

To make these contemporary artistic impressions of Amsterdam accessible to a larger audience the idea came to create a printed art edition. The first five artists from the collection that participate are: Arie Schippers, Arja Hop, Dieuwke Spanish, Natasha Kensmil and Paul Klemann. Each artist has chosen – in consultation with an expert from AGA – for another graphic technique, and will be printed in 60 copies on A3. A variety of techniques, images and perspectives in one folder.

The crowdfunding campaign will be launched at Voordekunst. Interested? Contact AGA

Photo: work Natasja Kensmil