The artists meeting, witnessing the process of ‘Cmd P for 2079’

Artist meeting of ‘Cmd P for 2079’, a cooperation project of -AGA LAB prints 60 years-, Allard Pierson, Frans Masereel Centrum and curator Sofie Dederen
Wednesday 10 July, 7 – 9pm
At AGA LAB, De Roos van Dekamaweg 7

Artists: Abake (UK), Emre Huner (TR/NL), Karin Ferrari (AT/IT), ooooo*
Curator Allard Pierson: Hans Mulder
Curator/moderator: Sofie Dederen

Cmd P for 2079, a futuristic journey through the world of print
What will printed artwork look like in 2079? Will it still exist or will the digital world have permanently repressed tactile media? Or will it offer ways to escape the everything pre dominant corporate internet network?

The 4 selected artists have done research in exchange with the curators and collection of Allard Pierson, experimented with old and new techniques (lasercutting, video, 3Dprint, sound and light) and produced their final work during their Artist in Residence Program at AGA LAB. The individual artists, -constellation all took very different paths of research and experiment to come to the final piece. This work in process, and ideas who wander around about print in 2079, we would like to share with you, artists, designers, art affiliates who are interested in the becoming of art.
During the evening the artists will present their research, special inventions, exchange with the curators and involve you in the proces. And together we will talk about it afterwards over drinks.

For the final work – that will have to wait! The opening of Cmd P for 2079 will be on Museum Night 2nd November 2019.
You are very welcome Wednesday the 10th July, let us know if you come:

Photo by Iris Box, creative commons cc by attr.