East Type West Type

Saturday, April 8, the opening of “East Type West Type”, a cross-border project. The project starts from the idea: What if the Arabs had invented the letterpress? How would the printed word look like? During the opening there will be lectures by Lara Captan and Kristyan Sarkis (Typotheque).

Lara Captan is a (letter) designer, who did extensive research into a new, traditional-modern font for Arabic. Born in Beirut, now living and working in Amsterdam. She’s looking for a way to bring the Arabic script back to its calligraphic origin. “If we dont’t have the tools, let’s make them.”

Kristyan Sarkis is a graphic and type designer from Lebanon, based in the Netherlands. His main motivation is his fascination with the endless forms of Arabic calligraphy.

East Type West Type is a program in collaboration with GWA (Grafisch Werk centrum Amsterdam), High on Type and Podium Mozaïek. The program consists of research, workshops, lectures and master classes in the field of non-Western typography in combination with various graphic techniques.

Opening of “East Type West Type”: Saturday, April 8th from 16:00 until 18:30 at GWA (from 13:00 until 15:00 mini workshops with letters). Sign up here for an invitation.

Masterclass “The Character of the Character”: Sunday, April 9th by High on Type at AGA LAB. Read here more about the masterclass and how to sign up for it.


Thanks to: Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds Noord Holland, Administrative Commission East and West of the municipality of Amsterdam.
Image: “waw” (the 27th letter of the Arabic alphabet) designed by Lara Captan.