AGA LAB prints 60 years – preview 5 special AiR-projects – 30th oct 5pm

Tuesday October 30th from 5-7 pm in the BOUWputGallery, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 74
Special preview of the Artist in Residence projects of:
Suzanne Bernardt, Didi Lehnhausen, Alexandra Hedberg, Maja Gajic, Olga Ghanza

Suzanne Bernhardt uses the cycle of stone printing as a landscape from which traces of human movement arise. Mapping a choreography of possible meetings, passages, and crossings and follow the way we are able to shape a place and a place shapes us. With her work, she proposes an escape where human and stone become one.
Didi Lehnhausen started ‘Medical Apertures’ after she read a research on the healing effect of windows on patients. She fantasized how different views and colors of light coming through the window would affect the balance of neurotransmitters in our bodies and brains. Lehnhausen was interested to explore the screen printing technique where frames are exposed to light and then used to make imprints on paper. Six screen printing frames, each with different colors and patterns can be placed in front of a light source, to make an imprint on humans instead of paper.
Alexandra Hedberg’s work explores happiness and superficiality. During her artist residency at AGA LAB, she has with the help of screenprinting examined how an artist book in big size (1,5×2 meters) can be turned into a physical art encounter.
Maja Gajic is rediscovering the basics of drawing through printmaking, mostly screenprinting. She’s transferring charcoal drawing studies to colored prints.
Olga Ganzha comes with an artistic research project ‘MOTHERLAND IS CALLING’.The title comes from the name of the statue in Volgograd city (formerly Stalingrad) in Russia. The project brings attention to the questions of memory, identity, the mother-figure in hands of propaganda, female role in war cults and motherland. The first phase of the research took a form of an art-book, an installation and a series of prints, that were produced at AGA LAB, GWA and KNUST @ AGA.