AIR Expo Yusuke Mimasu

THU. 25.04.2019 – 5 PM.


What is the color of the mirror that reflects everything?
This work contrasting mirror with color does not provide any logical answer for the question ‘What is the color of mirror that can reflect everything?’, but focuses on mysterious attraction of the question itself. It seeks more primitive aspect appealing to human sensitivity beyond the function of ‘mirror’ and ‘color’.

dimensional wall
This is a series in which “intext”, an art collective organized by Yusuke, has continued for several years.
“dimensional wall” series examines dictionaries from around the world, enlarging and printing their cross-sections. 
The dictionaries used are from the various countries traversed by Yusuke, and one is able to experience the differences of each language; Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch and English…
We are all aware of the differences in letters, grammar and pronunciation between different languages. 
However, the work allows a more primitive difference to come through in the spacing of the letters, page lines and spaces, where the character of a language and cultural background can be perceived.