Thursday 20th of december Zedz aka, Ronald van der Voet will be showcasing silkscreen prints depicting his geometrical and abstract imagery. This process of masking, mixing of inks, an experimentation of layers creates a body of work which is an exciting fusion of his three residencies at the AGA LAB.


Daniel Rodriguez Hernandez, AKA Raio, is a printmaker from Spain and his work always builds around the elements in nature juxtapose to the human mind and behaviour. This project in AGA LAB, “Regenseizoen”, explores the reflection and shadow of people on their social behaviour. Making this screen printed photographies of light reflecting on the water surface, the artist deepens into the knowledge of the dark, and questions the actual tendency of denying all obscure things rather than embrace them and learn about them.

During this exhibition we invite you too to play the game, a unique artist-version of the traditional Karuta game. In this game with text cards and poems the artists made use of some Japanese/Dutch words deriving from a century long cooperation. This special project is developed by Hannie van den Bergh, Jan van den Berg, Yasusyoshi Botan and Hirokiti.