AiR Olga Ganzha – “Want to see my etchings?”

Olga got her first degree in Language and Literature in Russia and graduated from St. Joost Academy of Arts (Netherlands) as a graphic designer. Today she often works on self-initiated projects that balance between design and art. Her media are text, photography, mixed media and graphic arts. In her work she connects disparate elements and ritualises personal memories about the history and culture. In parallel with her art and design practice, she is one of the curators for The Bookstore Project since the beginning of 2012 and voluntarily assisting artist at AGA LAB since 2013.

From May 2016 she is working on her new project “Want to see my etchings?” where she deepened her practice in a number of printing techniques (thanks to AFK and Stichting Stokroos). The project started with a study trip to Ukraine and an independent work period. And the last few months she is doing a residency at AGA LAB. Olga fully focuses on etching and how she can combine this with other printing techniques such as riso and digital printing. Her work – inspired by memories, witchcraft and history of her homeland – she presents at Bookstore Space: November 12th until December 4th 2016. She will give a workshop “Playing-Etching” in early December at AGA LAB. Keep an eye on our agenda!

Picture: “Untitled (2016)” – Olga Ganzha