AiR without accomodation costs – Interview with Marnix Postma

Marnix Postma lives and works in Amsterdam as a commercial photographer. Currently, he is also artist in residence (AiR) with AGA LAB, where he is screen printing.

We asked him about the background of the transition from figurative to abstract art, the inspiration of which he is working (see image) and why he has chosen the AiR program of AGA LAB.

Originally you’re a photographer. At AGA LAB you work on abstract artworks. What is the reason for this contrast (figurative – abstract)?
There has always been a dichotomy in my work as a photographer, one more commercial and the other more creative. I chose at some point to develop my photography more in one direction, more commercial. The urge to be creative is still present and started screen printing photography. This has quickly become quite abstract because in art there lies my interest. I guess that resonates from deep within my being, it is what gets me the most excited.

What kind of work are you doing now at AGA LAB?
I’m currently working on four canvases, approximately 2 x 1.5 meters, initially it will be shown at the festival ‘Sterrenstof’at Pllek (Amsterdam North) and will then hang for three more weeks. For this work I combine painting with silk screen techniques. Because of the size of the wall at the festival (2.5 meters high and 10 meters wide) and the technique I now use, I chose to use canvas instead of paper or other media. The inspiration for this work is a combination of an early silkscreen I made, the Zero movement and the name of the festival.

Why did you choose for the Artist in Residence program at AGA LAB?
Part of the work consists of serigraphs for which I do not have the facilities. In addition to all the facilities that AGA LAB offers, the contact with people and other residents is nice. To connect on a social and an inspirational level. Furthermore, it’s also nice to work at the weekend or at night as it is quieter. Especially with a deadline in sight.

If you – like Marnix – live in/near Amsterdam, you can also use the AiR facilities wtihout paying for the accomodation costs. More information? Call or e-mail us.

Image: work in progress (at the studio of AGA LAB) from Marnix Postma for festival “Sterrenstof”