Happy Pride Month!

We are looking forward to Pride Amsterdam on July 27 – Aug 4! To celebrate, we have a special OPEN CALL for our Amsterdam Pride Printing Residency –  a one-month Artist in Residence Program. 

With this Open Call AGA LAB offers a place for research and experiment, exchange with (inter)national colleagues and development of new work. Are you an artist identifying as queer and are you in Amsterdam during this time then we urge you to apply.

The mission within the AiR program: AGA LAB stimulates research and experimentation in the field of ink, colour and image carriers, as well as crossovers between other disciplines, materials and techniques.

You’ll have 24/7 access to our spacious gym, located in Broedplaats Bouw. The gym holds facilities for a wide range of printing techniques, staff with technical expertise, the non-toxic method, an urban agricultural garden with ink plants and many creative neighbours.

Take part in the (optional) weekly AiR-Talks with fellow Artists in Residency to discuss your work and progress, gain insights and finish with an exhibition to share your art with the world.

Both national and international artists and designers can register for the Artist in Residence program. We are looking forward to your application!

* This concerns an Artist Residency without accommodation. Dates: July 29 – August 23