Premiere performance &  installation East Type West Type
Presentation from designers Maria Arnadottir (ISL), Kjersti Alm Eriksen (NOR) and performer Juan Carlos Goilo (CU/NL).
Saturday the 13th of May at Broedplaats LELY

In what way does design influence a spoken word artist and what do his words do with the design?
The young designers (ISL/NOR) and performer (CU/NL) have been invited by AGA LAB and Podium Mozaiek. The inspiration source for this collaboration is the research for the new Arabic base type for digital- and letter pressing of the Lebanese designer Lara Captan. It shows the western (often dominant) and eastern  (typography = art) perspective on type, design, and art. For the upcoming days, the artists will work together for their final presentation, in which design influences performance, performance design or…
Saturday, May 13 will be the premiere of this performance and installation.
Time schedule: 1.30 and 2.30 pm Location: Schipluidenlaan 12 (opposite train station Lelylaan, follow signs of De Appel) Image: Maria Arnardottir, Kjersti Alm Eriksen. I.s.m. Podium Mozaïek en GWA. Many thanks to Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds, Gemeente Amsterdam

This performance takes place in the framework of the program East Type West Type. Inspired by the research of Lara Captan, which was conceived by questions like: ‘what if the Arabs invented letterpress?’ What would the pressed Arabic word look like, like if it wasn’t influenced by western ‘grids’? But the program contains more: East Type West Type contains research, workshops, lectures and masterclasses in the field of non-western typography in combination with several graphic techniques.

Lara Captan is a letter designer/designer, originally from Beirut. In her work, she is looking for a usable Arabic font that is more related to the Arabic script than the current solutions, which are in her opinion limited by the western standardization of the computer. The fact that there is no usable instrument for that since the computer language is based on the Latin scripture is not holding her back: ‘if the tool is not good enough, then let’s make the tool’. At the GWA she turned her font into wooden press letters as well.

Saturday, the 13th of May: premiere of the performance/design
Performance: 1.30 and 2.30 pm
Location: At the aula of creative beehive de Lely. Schipluidenlaan 12 opposite station Lelylaan. Follow the signs of De Appel.

Half May until the half of July: artist in Residence at AGA LAB of the design duo Plus Two: Mohamed Farahat and Omar Houssien from Cairo, closing off with a presentation.
In the start of July: a panel discussion between typographers, designers, artists and experts ( open for public)

Partners: AGA LAB, GWA, Podium Mozaiek. Many thanks to Lara Captan, Maze de Boer and Kasper Kapteijn. East Type West Type is made possible by:


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