A bridge for Harry van Kruiningen

Recently, bridge 2360, on the Polderweg over the Ringvaart in Amsterdam East, has been given a name: Harry van Kruiningen Bridge. Named after committed visual artist, graphic artist, resistance printer, social activist, teacher and author of children’s books, Harry van Kruiningen (1906-1996). Harry co-founded AGA LAB in 1958.

He achieved his greatest fame as an etcher. This included an etching series of the Delta Works for the Ministry of OKW in 1959. Other series he made were: The Zoo, The Coffin Maker’s Shop by Pushkin or stories by Edgar Allen Poe, Multatuli and Spinoza. Another interesting series consists of 33 black-and-white etchings, Life and Random in Amsterdam, for the Amsterdam Historical Museum.

There is a small exhibition dedicated to him and the unveiling of his bridge, which can be seen until 30 May in Stadskantoor Oost.