Expo Artists in Residence on August 30th

On the 30th of August (starting at 5 pm) Emily Underwood (USA) showcases her experiments with color mixing and layering transparent colors using silkscreen and risograph printing.

“It has been interesting to work with both techniques, as the image planning is quite similar, but the physical process is so different.”



Not only Emily will be showcasing her work, AIRs Alina Tang and Bodie Hartley will also be showing their projects. Both Alina, as well as Bodie, have a three-month residency at AGA LAB from July till September this year.

Alina Tang (AUS) is working on the project “Everything grows and flourishes again” which explores floricultures across Australian, Dutch, and Vietnamese diasporas. This immersive work celebrates the colour, abundance, and joy of each diverse flora.

Bodie Hartley (AUS) is exploring collaborative storytelling and worldbuilding with a variety of fantasy prints and zines.