Festive Opening Broedplaats BOUW

Friday December 2nd, Broedplaats BOUW – where AGA LAB is situated – will be officially opened. In the past year our building, on the initiative of the tenants, transformed into a new breeding ground. The partially vacant building has been renovated and turned into a breeding place where ‘create, build and exchange (crossover)’ are central. There is now a waiting list and Broedplaats BOUW is populated by Het Gildelab, Studio Ferdinand, Floris Wubben and much more creative entrepreneurs.

We, all tenants, are proud of our new building and invite you cordially!
Opening: from 17 hours.
Exhibition throughout the property and in the studios.
Music from 19 to about 22 hours.
For more information about the program, keep an eye on our Facebook page.

AGA LAB: exhibition of Olga Ganzha and Kaleb de Groot, artists in residence of the past months.
From 17h until 19h in our studio.

Made possible by Broedplaatsen Bureau of the Municipality Amsterdam.

Image: design by Deimion “Peim” van der Sloot