‘for clara: shortcut on an extended plane’ exhibition Jennifer Schmidt at De Bouwput

On Thursday August 25, Jennifer will be moving her project “for clara: shortcut on an extended plane” from AGALAB into DE BOUWPUT gallery.

Up till now, she has been “working out” in the gym, which is the AGA print studio. Jennifer has been screen printing her poster design on found fabrics that were purchased at Albert Cuyp market with the idea of creating large-scale textile swatches / posters  to be trimmed with pinking shears into rectangular, flexible pieces of material  to be hung, draped, spread and positioned as dress and furnishing fabrics.

She’ll be presenting an open studio of ongoing actions — this weekend. Feel free to stop by and say hello (!)

Thursday, August 25 from 5-7pm
Friday, August 26 from 5-7pm
Saturday, August 27 from 2-5pm
Sunday, August 28 from 2-5pm

Jennifer will be there:)

More work can be found on: