Intern Exposition – Friday, January 25th

Intern Exposition Friday, January 25th
Sigrid Bannenberg (NL), Iloy Drisdale (NL) and Urte Bakaite & Marija Sucilaite (LT)
Location: De Gym, Roos van Dekamaweg 7, 1061HR Amsterdam
Time: 4-7pm
In the five months of working as an intern at AGA, Sigrid Bannenberg has made a pile of prints differencing from lithography to Riso. During the exposition, she will be presenting her process of learning these techniques.


Iloy Drisdale learned a lot of different techniques at AGA LAB during his internship, and with that looked into where his interests were. In the exhibition, he will show the process and end result of his projects.

Urte Bakaite & Marija Sucilaite are young artists from Vilnius, Lithuania. The duo focuses on the ecology of the swamp, looking for links with the human mentality and worldview. During the internship at AGA LAB they are on the research of imaginary swampy bouquets.