Knust@AGA – Art, riso & sound presentation: About wallpaper

Louise Capteijn (UK / US) – AiR @ AGA – is inspired by the indirect and metaphorical aspect of literature and poetry. Louise starts with small collages, paper to paper, often with found materials and relics of earlier work. During her working period she examines how technology can make her work more accessible. One thing is certain; for the wallpaper she chooses the riso of Knust, on May 27 she will hang the wallpaper on one of the walls of AGA.

Serge Onnen & Johan Ohlssen: The reason for this special collaboration, is the Art Fair at the Museumplein, where they will put up a wallpaper whoch they jointly designed at TART gallery. Subject of this wallpaper is String Fingers, where you make with a rubber band patterns between your fingers. This creates an interesting combination between folk art and urban culture. Screen printed at AGA in 1 color on Praxis wallpaper. Also to be seen at AGA / Knust.

Date: Friday, May 27
Time: from 19 to 22 hours.
Location: De Roos van Dekamaweg 7, Amsterdam

With live music / DJ. You’re more than welcome!