Making natural paint – workshop April 14th

Workshop at AGA LAB
Making natural paint and its application in printing techniques.

Saturday the 14th of April the workshop “Making natural paint” will be organized, where we will share our experience after 6 years of research in and around AGA. We will focus on the process: starting with growing the plants, to extracting the paint, and eventually applying it in printing techniques.

In the workshop we will use colours of plants that are available in this time of the year. We will also work with pigments of algae, curcuma and indigo.

During the workshop we will pay extra attention to the choice of binding agent: the best choice varies with the choice of dye and the choice of printing technique. In the afternoon we will experiment with silkscreen printing and relief printing with a linocut.

We will share our knowledge about the research in variation of colours over time: some colours are stable for years, others act as ‘living colours’ and change over the course of time.

You will find out that working with natural paint demands a conscious and attentive way of working. We are looking for participant who are in for a surprise!

The workshop will be led by Lucila Kenny and Naan Rijks.


Practial information:
Costs: € 150,-
Max number of participants: 6
Times: 10:00 – 16:30
Included: paper, pigments, binding agents, prepared silscreens en linocuts, use of glass mullers and palette knives
Info: or
Sign up: (participants must pay in advance to confirm their spot)