Master class photo-etching “From iPad to copper plate” with Glenn Brown and Mike Taylor (GB)

On the first day of the exhibition of Glenn Brown – Rembrandt: Afterlife in the Rembrandt House Museum, AGA LAB organizes in collaboration with the Rembrandt House Museum a master class with Glenn Brown and his master printer Mike Taylor (publisher Pauper press).
Brown is internationally renowned for its intriguing and confrontational work, inspired by the works of old masters, including Rembrandt. Brown appropriates the work of Rembrandt and his contemporaries in a ruthless and brutal way.

Brown and Taylor jointly developed an interesting process, how to translate the digital image to photo-etching. Brown is known for his layered etching technique (see picture). For photo-etching the image gets quirkily translated to film on the iPad of Brown, in such a way that the photographic lines eventually subtly adorn the copper plate via etching. In this masterclass Brown talks about his work and the visual translation to printing and paper. Taylor takes us into the technical details of the making of the film and then shows – partly on film, partly in reality – how the printing process is completed. There is plenty of time for questions.

Brown has built his international stature as one of the main YBA’s (Young British Artist). Along with artists such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, Brown took part in the exhibition Sensation at the Royal Academy of Art in London in 1997. His work enjoys wide recognition and was featured this year in three solo exhibitions in the United States and France. The exhibition runs from January 27 until April 23, 2017 at the Rembrandt House Museum.

The masterclass is on Friday, January 27 from 12 to 16 hours, including coffee, English tea and drinks afterwards.
Participation fee: € 25
Address: De Roos van Dekamaweg 7, Amsterdam
Thanks to the Rembrandt House Museum