Masterclass by Harmen Liemburg

Bright Light Dark Matter: 2 days including an afternoon show at De Bouwput Gallery.

This master class is 100% focused on light and dark. We work as a group exclusively on black and white paper/cardboard, and use only black, white, silver and lacquer as ink. By playing with contrast, reflection, and alternating transparent and opaque “colours”, exciting images are created that change as objects with the light. You experience the power of screen printing, which cannot be simulated in any other printing technique. The handwriting of individual participants (you are asked to prepare visual material) is mixed with that of the others. This results in unexpected outcomes. Everyone goes home with a sample card of ideas for their own projects.

About Harmen Liemburg: After the Rietveld Academy, he continued his work as a designer and screen-printer. For each project, he immerses himself in the visual aspects of a certain subject, including clichés or apparent trivia. The visual building blocks that he collects with this are often redrawn and adapted for the screen printing technique.

Date: 3 and 4 April 2020
Price: € 295,-

If interested, mail to: