Friday 28th of September, 5pm, BOUWput gallery
Presentation Weathering Prints & Painting Plants.
Two presentations will take place at AGA LAB on Friday, September 28, at 5pm. In the context of the 60-year sustainability of AGA LAB, we now zoom in on the theme of transience.
location: Ferdinand Huyckstraat 74 or entrance of AGA LAB.

Weathering Prints from Ursula Neubauer, a 3-channel video. Ursula asked herself the question about how to process old prints into something new. What do we do with all that art? Weathering Prints is an installation in which the transience is sought out, with over 60 prints made in 40 years mainly at AGA LAB.

Painting Plants by Naan Rijks and Lucila Kenny. A research project on the applicability and timeliness of vegetable colors in different printing techniques.

About – AGA LAB prints 60 years  –

For 60 years now, you have been able to apply all printing techniques to your artistic oeuvre as an artist in our studio. Support, material, time and space are aspects that you can still find in AGA LAB as an artist and designer. In the meantime, the substantive effect of AGA LAB has evolved in recent years with the specific needs and the artistic & conceptual ideas that artists and designers have.

The different facets of print; the research, development, creation, and presentation are well covered in the jubilee program that AGA LAB organizes in the coming year; not only do we work in our ‘gym’, we are going to collaborate with our neighbors, the women’s soccer team. There are various Artist in Residence projects including Japanese games, an anniversary version of Knust@AGA LAB, street art with kids from the neighborhood and we’ll host a ’60 Years Ahead’ event in the Allard Pierson. But we’ll start with the most important part: the artists and designers of AGA LAB over the years! Be welcome!



The expo with more than 100 artists, will be festively opened by the chairwoman of the West district, Fenna Ulichki. During the opening, there will be a round-table discussion with stories from a number of artists who apply prints artistically to stone, textiles and conceptually: Elma Oosterhoff, Sophia Bentoh, and Dennis Munoz Espadina. The moderator of the evening is Maze de Boer, who is a multidisciplinary artist working with installations, video, photography and sound, as well as a board member of AGA LAB.

About the guests at the table
Elma Oosterhoff is a visual artist who mainly produced color lithographs and worked at AGA LAB as a manager. Her heart is still with the studio and she still tells enthusiastically about AGA’s old stories.

Print designer  Sophia Bentoh launches her own screen print designs in a new collection called Ibileye. The theme is ‘African roots meet Punk from the 80s’. Bentoh presents a kaleidoscopic combination of expressive ethnic drawings, graphic forms, and rhythmic colors.

Dennis Munoz Espadina is a young conceptual artist with a master’s degree at the Sandberg Institute, who has just received a Startstipendium from the Mondrian Fund. A few of his projects include Hocus Bogus Publishing, Wishy Washy Performance Event – Wash-O-Matic Amsterdam, Performance Rainerai during Manifesta, Zurich. As a volunteer of Knust, he has worked with riso-printing at AGA LAB.


You can visit the exposition from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 through the main entrance of the AGA LAB at the Roos van Dekamaweg 7.


Save the dates:
– Wednesday, September 28 at 15:00 > presentation of three channel video on the theme of transience in print, by Ursula Neubauer, Naan Rijks and Lucila Kenny.
– Friday, October 12 from 3 pm to 5 pm > the finissage. You can take your work between 5 – 7 pm.