Printing with vegetable inks – workshop October 29th

Printing with vegetable inks and research into its applications


With years of experience gained from the research project Blauwe Maandag we organize in October 29 “printing with vegetable dye” workshop. We will focus on the process: from the culturing of the paint plant, to the making of the paint paste, to apply in a printing technique.

Using the workshop color of plants that are active in this year’s tide. Participants are introduced to the processing plant parts of yellow camomile, walnut, and rhubarb. We also work with powders of algae, indigo and turmeric.

The choice of the binder will depend on the dye and will determine the possible applications. During the afternoon we will experience experiments with silkscreen, woodcut or etching.

Part of the research focuses on the variety of colours in time: some compounds are stable for years, while others behave as living colours, and change. An example can be seen in our collaboration with Buro Belén (DDW 2015).

You will find that working with vegetable dye or ink also requires a different method and approach. We look for participants who like to be surprised!

The workshop is led by Naan Rijks and Jeroen Snijdewint
Cost: € 175, –
Maximum number of participants: 4 (participants must have experience with screen printing or etching).
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Picture: Photo taken during Bio Art Panel AGA LAB in April 2016