Retrospect and preview: the highlights of 2016 and what to expect in 2017

Our sleeves are already rolled up; we want to create, explore, develop, share and present!

As we did in 2016. We changed – after 58 years – our name, welcomed in the studio four artists for the Tijdelijk Binnenland Atelier of the Mondriaan Fund and more than 20 (inter)national Artists in Residence. We were talking to each other about Bio Art and ‘transgenic’ prints. With the construction of the mezzanine we brought all facilities in one room to encourage more cross-pollination. We also presented new work by Maze de Boer on the Dutch Design Week among others.

This new year are special collaborations and projects in the planning:
– Early April we organize East Type West Type, a project on research into Arabic typography with Lara Captan. We do this together with our fellow studio Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam and Podium Mozaïek.
– In late June the Vulnerable Power project of Patricia Kaersenhout in collaboration with WOW Amsterdam, the Gildelab, ByBrown and residents from the neighborhood.
– And this first month again we go full throttle: the last week of January we organize in cooperation with the Awagami Factory an interactive demonstration, we receive students from the Rietveld Academy and we invite you to come for the masterclass with Glenn Brown and Mike Taylor in honor of his retrospective exhibition at the Rembrandt House!

We very much welcome you back, the coffee is ready!
The team and your board of AGA LAB wishes you a magnificently beautiful 2017!