Shaped by nature – lithography workshop by AiR Ausma Šmite

Introduction Workshop Lithography by current artist-in-residence Ausma Šmite

Nature is a recurring theme and inspiration in the life and work of Ausma Šmite*. She grew up in the Gauja National Park of Latvia, which is full of forest flora and fauna. In the limestone plates used for lithography you can also see remnants of life: fossils. Ausma happened to visit the limestone quarry of Solnhofen where some of the plates in AGA LAB come from.

For this introduction lithography workshop please prepare a simple line drawing of a plant, animal, insect or a bird that you can see or meet near the place you live. You will fill in the details when working on the stone, so if you need visual reference take some pictures with you.

Drawing should be prepared on A4 size office printing paper using the whole page (no need for white borders). The final print will be a mirror image of the prepared drawing. Keep that in mind!

Day schedule

– Introduction, overview of the technique and materials
– Preparation of the stone
– Transfering the image on the stone
– Working on the stone

Lunch break of 1 hour

– Working on the stone
– Preparing the stone for printing
– Printing till 18:00

Date: Saturday 26th of August
Time: 10:00 till 18:00
Participants: 4 persons in total
Costs:  €75 per person
Materials: 2 persons work on one stone. 2 prints per person. Printing in colour is possible.

* Ausma Šmite lives and works in Latvia, and currently is working at AGA LAB for the month of August. Ausma has worked with stone lithography in several printmaking workshops across Europe. Stone lithography is an essential part of her creative work as it allows to combine both drawing and painting.