Symposium [Resonating Spaces] – March 16 – Brussels

Thursday the 16th of March in the LUCA School of Arts a symposium will be held about: the value of residencies & workspaces in Belgium and the Netherlands. Participation is free but registration required. Register here.

Both residencies and workspaces play an important role in the art scene. They provide space and opportunity to (young) artists to develop their practice. On the basis of keynotes, testimonials and information exchange participants can get acquainted with the importance and functioning of residencies and workspaces in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The importance of residencies and workshops will be discussed from different perspectives through keynotes and testimonials. The experience of the artist and those of the residence / workplace are discussed, as is the broader context in which residences and workplaces operate. There is also a meeting point where participants can get acquainted with a number of residencies and workshops in Belgium and the Netherlands.

[Resonating Spaces] is aimed at artists, master students and alumni of the art schools, teachers in higher arts education, professionals from the art world and policy makers.

10h00: Reception
10h30: Introduction by Philippine Hoegen
10h40: Keynote presentation “Residencies and Future Cosmo Politics” by Taru Elfving (Frame Finland, Helsinki / London)
11h10: Conversation Between Hebe Verstappen (Textiellab, Tilburg) and Samira Boon (artist, Amsterdam)
11h40: Conversation between Caroline Dumalin (WIELS Residency, Brussels) and Gil Leung (artist, London)
12h10: Debate moderated by Philippine Hoegen
13h00: Lunch and Meet & Greet, informal meetings with workshops and residencies
16h00: End

Date: March 16, 2017
Time: from 10:00 until 16:00
Location: LUCA School of Arts, Campus Brussel, Paleizenstraat 70
Costs: Participation is free but registration required. Register here.

[Resonating Spaces] is an initiative of Frans Masereel Centrum, Kunstenpunt, LUCA School of Arts and the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, in cooperation with AIR Antwerpen and Platform Werkplaatsen.