Workshop Cyanotype – Saturday 26 November

Cyanotype (or blueprint) is an old photographic technique which can be printed directly via a contact negative on paper, wood or textiles. For this you can use a digital image by printing it as a negative on a transparent material.

Benjamin Brandenburg, expert in analogue (and digital) photography, will teach you the basic techniques to create a blueprint on paper and we start with a printed negative. We make the light-sensitive paper applying with brushes an emulsion which comprises a combination of two iron salts. After drying this, it is possible to print via illumination with UV-light on the paper.

Preparation: send two weeks before the start of the workshop, two black and white images to Benjamin Brandenburg (at least 6 megapixels, a total of up to 20 mb). These are made for blueprint and printed on a transparant paper so you can get started right away in the workshop with your own image.
Please bring your own kitchen or latex gloves (powder free).

Date: Saturday 26 November.
Time: from 10:00 until 16:00.
Costs: € 150 (including material and paper).
Sign up for this workshop through or 020-6262186.

Photo: blueprints made by Liesbeth Bussche