Unlock the heart of the moon – online exhibition

Tonight is the full moon. Many artists who regularly work in our studio have been inspired by her. We have collected a number of works for you and made an online exhibition of them. Almost all print techniques that AGA LAB provides are covered, including: Toyobo, Riso, screen printing, etching and natural inks.

‘No one could unlock the heart of the moon.’
Haruki Murakami


The heart of the moon

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami has one of his characters sigh that “no one can break open the heart of the moon.” Maybe that’s not possible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Each of the works in this exhibition makes an attempt. And see here what a mysterious, tranquil, enchanting and dreamy work that resulted.

Moon water

The Dutch writer and visual artist Jannie Regnerus writes in her book “The Sound of Falling Snow” about a Japanese moon ceremony. On Mount Karuma there is a monastery where monks pour out moon water during the full moon festival. Moonlight is believed to have a cleansing effect. “By drinking the water in which the moon is reflected, you can wash the heart and conscience,” explains Regnerus. The ceremony takes place at Midnight. Regnerus waits anxiously. In the courtyard of the monastery is a basin filled with water. And then suddenly when the sky is cloud-free, she sees it: “In the middle of the surface of the water, like a golden ball, the reflection of a full moon floats.” A moment later a drinking bowl goes around, filled with water from the basin, from which all those present sip a sip of moon water.
It could well be that the artists were inspired by this story. And otherwise they may do that in the future.



‘The reflection of a full moon floats in the center of the water’s surface, like a golden ball.’
Jannie Regnerus






Many thanks to the participating artists:



Haruki Murakami, 1q84, Knopf 2011.
Jannie Regnerus, Het geluid van vallende sneeuw, Uitgeverij Atlas Contact.


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