Earth, The Blue Marble – AGA LAB online exhibition #3

On the occasion of Earth Day (April 22), we have combined two visions of the earth in this exhibition. With these works we zoom in and we zoom out. And above all, we celebrate the earth.

  • We proudly present this online exhibition together with De Bouwput.


The Blue Marble

Two months ago we made an online exhibition about the moon. We collected images of the moon as seen from Earth. In 1968, astronauts took one of the most widely circulated photographs ever taken from the moon. The photo shows a fully illuminated earth because the photographer had the sun exactly in his back from the moon. The Earth seen from there showed mainly one color: blue. Four years later, in 1972, another well-known photo of the Earth was taken which gave the Earth the nickname ‘The Blue Marble’.



So from the moon we are just a tiny blue ball, but when we look into the large universe during the day, we ourselves (often) see a vast blue as well. The color of the sky that surrounds our earth can turn all tones blue. There is an official measuring device that measures the intensity of the blue color of the sky. This measuring device is called a Cyanometer (of the color cyan and meter).


With these two principles in mind, which sky blue do you see in the artworks in this exhibition? Do you also see the course of a radiant day into the dark blue evening sky? And do you also see the shiny blue somewhere, as if the sunlight is shining on a sparky glass marble?



‘I’ve been circling for thousands of years
And I still don’t know:
Am I a falcon,
A storm, or a great song?’


Rainer Maria Rilke, The Book of Hours, 1905.




‘This blue phenomenon explains different practices of which the painters do not know the motives, but are guided by a kind of instinct or assiduous study of nature that leads them to sense its suitability.’


Horace-Bénédict de Saussure on the Cyanometer (1740-1799).





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