Frequently Asked Questions


What are your opening/closing hours?

From Monday to Friday we are open from 9 AM, clean up at 4:30 PM, and close at 5 PM. (On Saturdays we are open from 10 AM).

You can book a full day (9 AM – 5 PM) or half a day (9 AM – 1 PM / 1 PM – 5 PM).

I have printing experience outside of AGA LAB. Can I still come and work?

To be able to work in our DIY studio we require people to complete an intro (free of charge) for an hour maximum. The technical assistant will walk you through the work flow and determine whether you can work by yourself. 

However, we strongly encourage you to complete a workshop to get a full understanding of your preferred technique, in order to avoid the need for assistance.

Please see our House Rules for more information.

What supplies do I need to print at AGA LAB, and where can I get them?

As a customer you will have to bring your own ink & paper. Stores nearby AGA LAB that sell these products are Peter van Ginkel, situated on Bilderdijkstraat 99, and Van Beek Art Supplies, situated at Weteringschans 201.

Can I leave my supplies at the studio?

Generally, no. You are not allowed to leave your supplies at our studio overnight or for a longer period of time. We do offer artist storage boxes and drawers on subscription. For information about the pricing of these subscriptions, please see our price list.

Which assistants are available for what department and when?

We have a schedule of the availability of our workplace assistants.

Where can I find information about residency at AGA LAB?

All information regarding applying, pricing, etc., for our residencies is available via Artist in Residency

Payments & Costs

Where can I find information on workshops, and what do they cost?

Please visit workshops for all information regarding our offers and applying.

Where can I find the cost sheet?

You can find the cost sheets in our studio at the front desk in both English and Dutch, you can also find it via our Price List.

What payment methods does AGA LAB accept?

We accept cash, V-pay, and Maestro. We do not accept credit cards.

How do the subscriptions work at AGA LAB and how much do they cost?

We have four variations of subcriptions at our studio. You can either be a card holder or have a clip card (strippenkaart), as a card holder you can either have a card for a month or a year. Our clip cards go for either 10 full days or 10 half days.

We also offer the chance to rent out a supply storage box at our studio, these subscriptions are for a year.

For the most recent pricing, please check out our price list.

Where near AGA LAB can I park, and what does it cost?

You can park in the street Ferdinand Huyckstraat next to our building (paid parking), or go to the closest 2 parking garages:

Q-Park Bos en Lommer, situated at Leeuwendalersweg 23b


ParkBee Teleport Towers situated at Kingsfordweg 151.


Can I be an intern at AGA LAB?

Yes! We accept both Dutch and international students. You can find more information about our internships and how to apply via our Education page


How do I book riso at AGA LAB?

To work on the Riso machine you will have to schedule an appointment via Knust@Extrapool.


What is the raster I have to use for screen printing?

For full color CMYK printing and Bitmap:

– Halftone max. 45 lpi (18 lpc) elipse shape for a 300 dpi image.

– Angles for each color:

Cyan 82.5° Magenta 52.5° Yellow 7.5° Black 22.5°

– Diffusion dither max 80 for a 300 dpi image.